About this club

About this club
The Northwest Gaited Horse Club (NGHC) is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization that was formed by dedicated volunteers from the first “Evergreen Gaited Horse Classic” horse show held at the Evergreen Fairground in Monroe, WA in July of 2002.

The workings of the club and it’s activities are all provided by volunteers and supporting sponsor donations. Our volunteers and sponsors are what makes this all possible and helps to provide resources to the gaited horse community.

The NGHC is the leader in promotion, support, education and activities for naturally gaited horses in the Northwest.
Educational Articles and Booths
Educational displays promoting gaited horses in the Northwest at breed expos and all gaited shows in Oregon and Washington.Going Gaited!
Learn more about gaited horses and why they are becoming so popular for recreational riding! [Download article]
Informative Quarterly Newsletter
The club’s quarterly newsletter is gaining an enthusiastic following and each issue grows in content and quality. Members receive the newsletter in Acrobat PDF format via email and it is printed and mailed for those that don’t have email. We also distribute copies of our newsletter at club events and email to our club sponsors.
Club Trail Ride Program
Trail rides are one of the best ways to enjoy our gaited horses. The NGHC’s trail ride program provides riders incentive to explore state and national parks, evergreen forests, beautiful beaches and some of the northwest’s most scenic public lands.Examples of member rides and activities: Bridle Trails State Park, Redmond Watershed Park, Cedar River Trail, picnic at Lake Sammamish State Park, general membership meetings.
Evergreen Gaited Horse Classic
This is an annual all gaited horse show that started in 2002 and is the only all gaited horse show in Washington. This is the FIRST show in the Northwest to offer an Introductory Level Dressage Test for all gaited horses! Learn more…
Gina Gardner 2 day Gaited Horse Clinic
This clinic helped riders and auditors identify and build on a horse’s basic strengths. Students learned how to identify the gait, how to get the most from their gaited horse by enhancing it naturally, determined proper tack and fit, improved lateral work, maneuvered obstacles that you could encounter on the trails or in versatility classes with back throughs, walk overs, going through gates, etc.
Lonnie Kuehn 2 day Clinic with special farrier clinic
Whether you were a rider or an auditor at this clinic, the interactivity and quality of information that Lonnie and Stan presented was truly a rewarding experience. We had a diverse group of 24 riders and horses registered in this clinic with 40 auditors. There were Tennessee Walking Horses, Mountain Horses, Peruvians, a Paso Fino, Icelandic, and a Missouri Foxtrotter. Rider�s levels of ability ranged from beginner to advanced in both English and Western disciplines. All shared the common goal of learning more about their horse�s gait and how to improve through proper aids, rider position, tack, and shoeing.
Basic Gaited Dressage Workshops
Dressage is one of the world�s most popular equine activities. Up until now dressage has been dominated almost exclusively by the trotting breeds. But that is changing thanks to progressive groups like the Northwest Gaited Horse Club. The club presented a series of Gaited Dressage Workshops. Each workshop was designed for all breeds of Gaited Horses and any level rider.

Riders learned how to develop basic riding skills, improve their horses’ balance, strength, and suppleness while enhancing natural ability and gaits. Aids were also taught to be more clear to your horse.

Donida Winter Schooling Show Series
This is very low key and a great place to have fun, practice, and meet other horse people. Gaited classes and gaited horse high point award!
[See details and photos of exhibitors…]

This club is for people who love gaited horses, want to learn more about them and their gaits, have fun, and meet other people who feel the same. Having a horse is not a requirement. The only limitation would be that only gaited horse breeds could participate in the “gaited horse shows” or clinics. Trotting horses are welcomed at trail riding events, etc.

We look forward to growing the gaited horse community here in the Northwest and welcome your ideas and participation!